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Road Traffic Law Pricing

We are happy to represent people in the Magistrates’ Court who are charged or summonsed to Court in relation to Road Traffic Matters. We have many years experience of these type of offences. We recognise how important it is to have a valid driving licence.


In relation to road traffic offences that can only be dealt with in the Magistrates’ Court, our fees are £350.00 plus VAT (£420 including VAT) in Coventry and Warwickshire and £500 plus VAT (£600 including VAT) outside this area.


This fee covers advice and representation at Court at the first hearing but not trial (in the event of a not guilty plea).


Specifically, this fee includes:-


Taking instructions

Considering the evidence

Advice on plea and likely sentence (where appropriate)

Attending on other Court users e.g., Crown Prosecution Service, Probation

Consideration of and advice on Pre-Sentence Reports

Representation in Court


We also offer a one-off appointment service here at our office for a fee of £75.00 plus VAT (£90.00 including VAT). During this appointment we will offer advice and assistance (but not representation) on your motoring matter.


Our full and comprehensive advice, assistance and representation service includes a full explanation of your legal position, whether you have a defence to the charge and, if not, a full explanation of the sentencing options open to the Court and, where appropriate, advice on other ways of keeping your licence (e.g., a special reason for not disqualifying you or that you or those around you would suffer exceptional hardship if you were disqualified under the totting up provisions).


If you case is listed for trial because you deny the charge, then our fee will be agreed with you in advance and will be based on an hourly rate of £200.00 plus VAT.


Sometimes, the Court cannot deal with an individual’s case on the day that it is listed to be heard. This may be for a number of reasons e.g., lack of Court time or the matter is adjourned for Pre-Sentence Reports.


If the Court adjourns the matter to another day then we will charge an additional fee of no more than £250.00 plus VAT (£300.00 including VAT) and travel disbursements to attend the adjourned hearing.


Where a charge for making telephone calls, writing letters and emails to advance your case is appropriate then we will charge £20.00 plus VAT per item.


Our mileage rate is standard at 45p per mile.


VAT is payable on all our costs.




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