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Road Traffic Law

For most people the only brush with the Criminal Justice System is through Road Traffic Law.


A driving licence is an absolute must for the majority of people and loss of a driving licence can be catastrophic in terms of ability to work and function in modern life.


Road Traffic Law can be a legal minefield filled with many complex issues, rules and regulations.


Our principal solicitor, David, has been practising in this area for 15 years and has argued successfully for clients on numerous occasions. We also have many expert lawyers experienced in representing people charged with driving offences who, with David, provide an excellent all round quality advice and assistance.


Representation in the police station from the most serious matters to minor traffic offences is provided free by us under the Legal Aid Scheme.


If the case goes to Court and Legal Aid is not available, we operate a fixed fee pricing menu for the majority of road traffic matters.








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David Coyle Solicitor

Criminal Law Specialist

If you are going to be interviewed by the police, even for the most minor of traffic offences, we can represent you in the police station free of charge.

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